BORN and raised in Atlanta, GA by way of St. Petersburg, Fl ,and educated in Albany, Ga, G.P is President, co- founder, the soul, and half of Brand HoodLegal Corp. and Hood Legal Podcast.

G.P. is a southern gentleman, and one-half of the creative force behind Albany's first- local underground “hood” based movie “Another Turn”. It was during the filming of the movie when he realized that our communities are flooded with talented people that are overlooked. Oftentimes, the overlooked are the drug abusers, gang members, alcoholics, drug dealers, the people that America does not care about. Instead of passing shame or judgement, G.P. Expressed his love for his community through direct everyday hands on service and investments on a grassroots level and with a hands on approach.  He is a God fearing husband.

G.P. is the better-half of Big Suh Justice, dad of six, and a talented, super dope lyricist. G.P.’s Worldview is influenced by his life experience, in addition to his past practical formal education, training, and skills derived from the School of Hard Knocks, in which he has paid his dues and obtained a PHD.(2X)

Big Suh Justice

Big Suh Justice Esq. is the Vice President of the Brand and other half, spirit, energy, and co-host behind Hood Legal Podcast. Big Suh Justice hails from Harlem by way of Florida. She is a real lawyer, turned Entrepreneur and former corporate plantation worker. She is the managing Partner, founder and owner of the Law Firm of L.R. Nicks based in the metro-Atlanta area.

Big Suh Justice is passionate about black people and her community. Period. Her real life training began working as a solo-practitioner, organizer and activist in Albany, Ga, a severely impoverished City with a mix of hopeful residents and majority fo young black residents that have given up on hope. There, she resided in the hood, lived and advocated for our community and amongst the real people of the community, not just the scholars and educated.


She describes the spirit and energy of Hood Legal Podcast as an experience. The experience: "Here you have two-black people, from two totally different backgrounds and cultures, that are both lyrical artist and create music together, black love since day one, from the community and wants to see our people win.


Big Suh Justice is a believer In Christ and that Jesus died on the cross for us as a people and community at this time. She believes that God has a message for black people. Big Suh Justice desires to be used by him. She is proud to walk with G.P. On this faith journey, and be his helpmate, partner, friend, ect. ect as God leads the couple, family and business.


Enjoy your gumbo.  

It is the duty of educated and successful black women to support their underprivileged peers in achieving their goals.

This organic and diverse fusion between Big Suh Justice and G.P. parallels the story of black people, image and culture in America and abroad. "The culture of this society is to control the visual images of blacks in American Entertainment".


Blacks have been historically stereotyped or typecast in film, television, music, even our politics. This means that a lot of folks who never encountered black people personally, or have meaningful relationships with a black person, learn about our culture and people from the extensions of stereotype propaganda.


Thus no matter how a black person works to control our personal or professional image individually; or "separate"  ourselves from "niggas"; there are opinions formed and actions taken about us, and against us before folks encounter us. The actions taken or stereotyped believed, limits our value based on the images displayed no matter how hard our efforts to individually separate ourselves".