Grassroots Activism

“We need a hands-on-approach in our community. It is going to take grass-root efforts nationwide to execute common goals. We believe that In order for Black Liberation and self-reliance  starts with the marginalized black communities in the historically resistant Deep South. In places like Albany, Georgia, Brooksville, Florida, and impoverished communities where hope is diminishing.  The best way to increase our dollars in our community is to first start with showing that change starts with the people.

The people in our audience are from black communities Nationwide who are involved in our programming in a real and genuine way. We aim to effectuate change by bridging the gap from the community to our podcast audience. Before we talk about "ally's" , we believe that we need to strengthen the socio-economic conditions of black people first and become ally’s to each other first. We directly invest into our hood starting with Southcentral Albany, Ga first. We as a collective will determine the best way to effectuate systemic change within our community. We aim to take this approach with statistically failing communities in Georgia first.

We aim to achieve our agenda on our own terms and encourage listeners to do the same. Hood Legal promotes action, awareness and responsibility of our image within our community.
We must continue and in some cases start rebuilding our community at a grassroots level. The Hood Legal brand is building bridges from the Hood and out of it, AND on our own terms.
G.P. and Big Suh Justice address the most controversial topics that are plaguing our communities proven by statistics. They also contribute to our legacy collection as artist. Some of their work including music is featured in upcoming episodes.   
During this time in history when we have "this" President in office, we can't afford to remain distracted by superficial fluff in our entertainment if we are to move forward. We need to wake up.


Hood Legal Podcast aims to interview real people, not just celebrities. The movement starts in the streets and we firmly believe that. We are intent on exchanging brain, and people power resources with each episode and act of service. We are also committed to circulating black dollars earned with our community. Period.  

Please email us if you would like to contribute, or be a guest speaker or be interviewed on our show. Please also make sure that you like, subscribe, comment and share our content. If you don't like it respectfully articulate why for our consideration,  we kinda don't care but don't be an ass with comments because if you go low, we don't go high, we put on our scuba gear and can be petty if necessary. 

The statistics finally have a platform. This podcast is home to the accurate portrayal of our entertainment, identity and legacy which is un-boxed, un-chartered and part of our history. 

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The Solutions

What are your solutions on “What the Eff It’s Going to Take” to effectuate change in our community? Hit us up to contribute your two cents. Research shows that virtually every system in OUR communities are failing Black people.


Furthermore, the images portrayed of our people across various forms of "our" entertainment don't necessarily help our cause. Our education, prosecutorial and police systems, judiciary, horrible black unemployment rate with temporary type positions plentiful, the economic environment in which that rate is premised, decent affordable housing, local city leadership are all failing its constituents.


We must act now! Our goal is to impact and stimulate the systems identified above at a grass-roots level first. We seek to partner with organizations that will assist constituents gain a political education, encourage organized participation, participation in local government, activism, investments and curation in and of black owned businesses and businesses that support marginalized communities in a real and genuine manner, including the arts.

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